Maharajas’ Express Testimonials

"It was a very special trip I'm sure everyone comes with high expectations and for our family they were certainly met. All of the work that goes on behind the scenes must be immense in order to have everything run so seamlessly. The Staff is truly wonderful warm and professional the sightseeing was informative and interesting. All of the special experiences off the train were wonderful my kids loved riding the elephants."

Audrey Lewis, USA
The Indian Panorama, 22nd Feb 2014

"I have enjoyed my journey with Maharajas’ Express it exceeded my expectations. The general friendliness of Indian population also contributed to a great holiday."

Ms. Barbara Barnsley AUSTRALIA
The Indian Panorama, 22nd March 2014

" The service on the train and the facilities were very good. The best train trip we ever had. Just fabulous."

Mr. R. Tulloch, AUSTRALIA
The Heritage of India, 19th Oct 2013

"The staff working as a family to make the trip quite exceptional."

Ms. Juliana Taylor/UK
2nd Nov 2013

"An excellent train and a great way to see India. All the staff went out of their way to look after us and make our trip enjoyable."

Mr. John Del Robson, AUSTRALIA
The Heritage of India, 8th March 2014

"The train and your staff are of very high quality and make you feel that nothing is too much trouble, a rewarding experience"

Mr. Robert Kennedy, AUSTRALIA
The Indian Panorama, 22nd March 2014

"We saw and learned so much in such comfort. You have a great product and we will recommend it highly. The buses were wonderful too their cleanliness much appreciated. We will miss you all."

G. Craig Sullivan, CANADA
The Heritage of India, 16th Nov 2013

"My trip on The Maharajas’ Express has been a wonderful experience. Thank you to all the staff on the train, everyone was helpful and made us feel very special."

Mr. Alison Hayams, AUSTRALIA
The Indian Panorama, 22nd March 2014

"9. The entire journey was and will be an unforgettable experience. If I was a poet, I would probably set this entire fabulous experience in beautiful poetry."

Judith Moorthy, AUSTRALIA
The Heritage of India, 6th Oct 2012

"10. Being treated like royalty, such a varied and exciting trip. Had experience of a life time!"

Mr. David Cumper/UK
The Indian Splendour, 12th Oct 2013

"11. I had appreciates how committees you were to making us feel like Maharajas. From the way the staff lined up on a red carpet every time we got off or on the train, to the way every consideration was given to our requirements. It really takes customer services onto a whole new level what you provide is priceless so to enquire about value for money is missing the point."

Mr.Robert Bolton, UK
Gems of India, 19th Feb 2014

"12. The Consistent and Total care and attention to the guests every need to make this a holiday of a life time by all the staff. The diversity of the excursions Taj Mahal, village, fort, Palace, sad-dunes, puppet show. Shopping!"

Timothy John Soane, UK
The Indian Splendour, 1ST March 2014

"13. The staff was very kind and always looking after us. The train is beautiful and India is incredible."

Ms.Mellisa Guerrero ,MEXICO
The Indian Panorama, 22nd March 2014

"14. The entire trip with Maharajas’ Express was a sensational experience, many thanks to you all."

Ms. Annette Wulff , UK
The Indian Panorama, 22nd March 2014

"Excellence in everything. Always anticipating our needs .We generally do not like organized tours but this was so very exceptional, well done to all."

Mr. Robert & Ms. Susie Hurwitz, SOUTH AFRICA
Treasure of India, 16th March 2014

"16. All the staff was good and kind. This is a great experience for us as this was our first time in India."

Ms. Mai Murayama, JAPAN
Gems of India, 19th Feb 2014

"17. An interesting and well planned tour. Set of events were unbelievable. Reception at everywhere we went was fantastic .We enjoyed each and every minute."

Mr. Raymond Redmore, UK
The Indian Splendour, 1st March 2014

"The quality of food and service in the restaurants and the bars were really impressive, we will miss the delicious food we had on train."

Mr.Dogan Birgul, TURKEY
The Heritage of India, 8th Feb 2014

"19. Staff on board has been very friendly and cheerful; they have done their jobs very well. You should be proud of them!"

Mr. Roger Woodhead , UK
The Heritage of India, 11th Jan 2014

"This experience is definitely better than the Royal Scotsman and has been equal to Orient Express, if not better"

Taylor, USA
The Indian Panorama, 20th Oct 2012

"21. The chef was friendly and attentive and went out of his way to explain foods and flavors. His communication added to our experience and extended our knowledge of Indian cooking. This has been an excellent experience on the Maharajas’ Express."

Mr. R. Maunsell , ZIMBABWE
The Indian Splendour, 1st Feb 2014

"Without any doubt it is a very good way to get a good overview of most of the main tourist sites of India."

Mr. Derek Allan, UK
The Heritage of India, 16th Nov 2013

"It was my first time in India and I had an amazing time ever and the people on the Maharajas’ Express made sure of this. The food was simply amazing, thank you for everything what a country!!"

Mr. Lucas Bentes , BRAZIL
The Indian Panorama, 25th Jan 2014

"The level of service was outstanding. The tours were varied and each day was very interesting and enjoyable. I would highly recommend the Maharajas’ Express"

Ms. Bernadette Thomlinson, UK
The Indian Splendour, 9th Nov 2013

"The food was excellent, service and disposition of the staff everybody was excellent. So the people are the asset of this train."

Ms. Marcela Lorena Ferrat Garcia, FRANCE
The Indian Panorama, 28th Dec 2013

"Thank you for making one stays as comfortable as possible. You go home very spoilt and then don’t know what to do!!"

Mr. Paresh & Ms. Kirti Shah, UK
Royal sojourn, 11th Feb 2012

"Felt extremely safe and cared on the Maharajas’ Express. The only word that comes to my mind is PERFECT thank you all."

Mr. Pitt, FRANCE
Treasure of India, 24th Nov 2013

"We would like to thank you for making our holiday exceptional. The effort that all the staff put in makes you feel really special that is appreciated. I will recommend this wonderful journey to anybody that will listen and would like to thank you again for creating a wonderful memory."

Ms. Ellen Kay, UK
Treasure of India, 3rd March 2013

"Have an unforgettable experience in the Maharajas’ Express. Thank you so much for everything and for a wonderful way of knowing India."

Mr. Geovanna mendiloa, COSTA RICA
The Indian Panorama, 9th Feb 2013

"Travelling by train is the best way to see India. Maharajas’ Express connection gets the places where we could not go on our own."

Mr. Norman Riddell, CANADA
The Indian Panorama, 9th Feb 2013

"I will be sorry while departing, it was like a dream. I feel as if I am going away from my family, what else can be said farewell to the Maharajas’ Express."

Ms. Havile Ayla Sabunis , TURKEY
The Heritage of India, 26th Jan 2013

"From the moment we boarded the train we have been treated with the utmost kindness by all. Your chef has provided the most delicious food and his attention to our needs and likes has been excellent. It was pleasure to dine in the Maharajas’ Express."

Ms. Shirley Davies, UK
The Indian Panorama, 9th Feb 2013

"I would like to thank you all for a life time experience that I will never forget! It was a wonderful journey that I will recommend to all my family and friends! See you soon"

Mr. Loujane Alkashed , KUWAIT
The Indian Splendour, 20th Dec 2012

"We spend 4-5 months of the year travelling, many months on 5 star ships and your staff is equal to any 5 star ship in the world"

Maria Stanley , SPAIN
The Indian Pnorama, 2nd Nov 2013

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